“I felt the environment the session was conducted in was friendly and relaxed. Fiona made me immediately feel at ease. I felt I could start opening up and start healing. The first session was extremely emotional. Fiona emailed me the next day to check in and see how I was feeling. This helped me with being able to trust and open up even more as the sessions continued.What I found helpful was the relaxed environment and the room was cosy. I thought every session was thought-provoking and has really helped things make sense. I have learned new skills which have enabled me to think about situations in a different way which is helping me to gradually heal.

I now feel so much stronger and more positive as a person.”
~  January 2023

“My husband and I are now doing good, things are so much better than they were before, thanks to the counselling support we had from you. Your kindness to us and your wisdom made such a difference in our lives.”

~ January 2023 (Couple)

“Fiona is a fantastic therapist who stood by me and helped me go through the most difficult chapter of my life. She is very understanding, empathetic, non judgemental and has great listening skills, all supported by in-depth knowledge. The insight, recommendations, and management tools that Fiona has provided me with, were indispensable on my journey through the storm and to guide me out of it. Thank you Fiona for everything.”

~ July 2022

“I am so grateful to you and to the work that we did together to help me get well and re-directed on the right path.”

~ February 2021

“Here are my evaluative thoughts on our journey facilitated by your expertise:

  • You have a calm, friendly manner which immediately made me feel at ease
  • You are able to observe tiny ways in which I sit, move or words that I use and then use those to frame a question that enables me to look at a situation from a different perspective – I found this so useful, as I had tried to do a lot of work myself (all of it useful) but on reflection I had often been skirting round an issue or looking at a situation from a different and sometimes unhelpful perspective.
  • Your gentle, positive and friendly approach gave me the confidence to go away and do deep dive work into my core values safe in the knowledge that if I pulled something difficult to the surface, you would walk with me to help figure it out.
  • I loved the way you celebrated positive work/outcomes/breakthroughs with me.
  • I loved the quotes you shared and the ideas (like the silent chair approach). Again despite having tried approaches before you gave me the confidence to try an approach again in a different way.
  • You genuinely wanted to help me get better – this knowledge gave me a trust and strength that I had a professional who was so brilliant I knew that if I was brave enough to walk the journey with you I would make progress.

I feel like I had been given a terminal prognosis in error and all of a sudden have a new lease of life. Now I am living my life rather than existing.

I cannot thank you enough, if in the future I hit another bump in life’s road I will contact you.”

~ January 2021

“I feel I learnt and grew from our sessions together. So thank you.”

~ November 2020

“We just wanted to thank you for your encouragement, support and care during such a difficult time for us. Your knowledge, wisdom and insight have been invaluable to our marriage. You have been the hands and feet of Jesus to us and we are so very grateful to you and for you.”

~ November 2020 (Couple)

“You have helped me so, so, so much and I will always be eternally grateful for everything you have done”

~ June 2020

“I really appreciated that you were willing to tell me things I needed, rather than wanted, to hear. I found you extremely warm and encouraging and I could tell it was heartfelt. You went above and beyond. I am better at managing my thoughts, I don’t have the same level of negative thoughts and I am kinder to myself”

~ May 2020

“Thank you for all of your help and expertise over the last few months. I know you go above and beyond what is required, so thank you, it has been so helpful. I am in a much better place now and a lot of that is a result of the counselling”

~ February 2020

“Your manner was kind, honest, gentle, caring, but firm helping me to register and often re-register the true facts that I needed to hear”

~ January 2020

“For me I found the whole experience very positive. A warm welcome followed by an open interchange of conversation allowing me to express my thoughts without fear of judgement. It felt like I was talking with a friend. ‘Who is looking after me?’ is what I carry forward from my time with you”

~ November 2019

“I wanted to say thank you for all of your help and support. It has really made a difference and helped me form this positive movement in our dynamics and hopefully improved ours and our families lives forever”

~ November 2019

“Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me over the past months. The positive effect your counselling has had on my life is truly remarkable. I’m back to the ‘old me’ again. I am so grateful for the support you have been to me and I will have no hesitation recommending you to others”

~ September 2019

“Without knowing what to expect from counselling, I was made to feel safe and comfortable from the very first session. The discussions we had gave me comfort and reassurance as well as hope and courage to navigate my current situation in a more sustainable way. Your concern and genuine desire to help me is something I treasure and has truly helped me on my journey of self- improvement. You certainly made me feel that our sessions were tailored to my personal needs and your book recommendations and help sheets have aided me greatly in expanding my knowledge. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your help and support”

~ February 2019

“I valued Fiona’s Christian faith and knowledge in our relationship. Fiona is a very generous and kind counsellor; professional and warm. Thank you”

~ January 2019

“Fiona accepted what I said without judging me and gave me the freedom to say whatever I wanted. Fiona helped me to unpack and understand what I was feeling even when I didn’t know what I was dealing with. I loved that she created room for me to become more aware of myself!

I think encouragement is Fiona’s biggest gift – I walked away from each session challenged but encouraged”

~ December 2018

“I felt I really connected with Fiona and I looked forward to my sessions. She created a very safe environment for me which enabled me to express whatever I was feeling. Fiona really did help me so much along a very painful journey of loss and change. I feel so much stronger in myself and I will be forever grateful to her. If ever I feel I need counselling again I will be going back to Fiona and I have already recommended her to a few people. Thank you”

~ May 2018

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done up to this point, I feel so much better and clearer about everything.

I will be in touch again should I need to. I wouldn’t hesitate!”

~ January 2018

“I decided to give counselling a go, because I felt like I had no one to help me process the pains of what I was going through. I was sceptical about meeting someone safe, someone who was a Christian and someone who was effectively able to help me process and make sense. Fiona, with such excellence, helped put a mirror in front of my heart and helped me process some of the feelings I had – I couldn’t recommend her enough. I felt safe, there was no judgement and each point made/theory referred to, was clearly explained – it’s impact and a solution given. I walked away with clarity, strategy and a solution. I would recommend Fiona!”

~ December 2017

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Fiona for helping me! Here are some specifics about Fiona:

  1. She was able to provide me with actionable things I could go and do to take incremental steps forward
  2. She challenged me in a constructive manner where I needed it
  3. I felt comfortable to expose my vulnerabilities and found her insight very helpful”

~ November 2017