What is counselling?

May 2009 019

Counselling is an opportunity to talk about experiences, thoughts and feelings that may be causing you concern, in a safe and confidential place. It is an ongoing, meaningful conversation that can help you to explore and clarify what the root of the problem is.

Choosing counselling is taking the first step on the path to a hopeful future. It is an expression of confidence in your inherent potential to feel better, to improve your situation.

In counselling you have no image to uphold, and no need to protect the feelings of others. Nothing is unspeakable. No judgements are made.

Counselling can help to increase your level of emotional health and wellbeing. It can help you discover healthy coping mechanisms which can be utilised on a daily basis, so that any past, present or future issues can be worked through and overcome.

Counselling gives the opportunity to take a fresh view of yourself and your situation. It offers a safe place, where the time is yours and the focus is upon you and your needs; where you are seen, heard and accepted.