Counselling in Practise


A counselling session is time for you to use as you wish. Our conversations are yours to direct as you feel comfortable; the concerns you have will surface naturally as we progress. We will realise the most appropriate path as our sessions develop.

Sometimes an approach which is more structured might be useful, to provide the chance to tackle and solve any problems. On other occasions, you may simply wish to give voice to your thoughts and feelings, to explore possible deeper meanings behind what you are experiencing.

The most important thing is that everything that happens in your sessions will have been agreed by you. To be listened to, and accepted for yourself as a unique and individual person, can in itself provide comfort and strength.

My role is to listen to you, to assimilate what you are saying and how you are feeling, and to then reflect this back to you, so that together we can understand the problem in a clearer way. I will offer you the opportunity to examine any difficulties, without giving advice or expressing my own opinions, so you will be able to make your own decisions as to how you would want to proceed.

I will help you to recognise the strengths and resources that you possess, to make good use of them, and perhaps uncover new qualities you didn’t even realise existed within you.

Counselling will enable you to explore new ways of being, and be supported to make any changes you decide to make.


I work from my home in Whimple, in a situation that is easily accessible, peaceful and welcoming. I offer sessions in my therapy room, or should the weather suit, sitting in my garden, which is surrounded by open fields.


Most people would agree that the very simple, but often overlooked, joys of being in the fresh air, feeling the sun on your skin, and having an expansive countryside view in sight are both uplifting and reviving. By offering sessions outside in the peaceful surroundings of my garden we can make the most of these natural benefits to enhance the feeling of your therapeutic experience.

I also make the garden available to you for a period following our sessions, should you wish to take a moment to reflect before leaving.